Golf Gossip: Sexy Sergio Flying Solo at Valhalla

As play begins this morning in Louisville, my favorite golf style sleuths have already noted the current status of Sergio Garcia's frequently changing facial hair.

The look is what the French call "Mal Rasée". We'd probably call it "five 'o clock shadow meets artful stubble". Or something like that.

Mr. Garcia is arguably the most obsessed about talked about player at the 2008 Ryder Cup. Supposedly the entire America team dislikes him intensely. His staggering 8-0 record in alternate-shot matches, combined with his lingering reputation as an immature, whiny kid probably lay the foundation for the disdain, but what really amps it up is his tendency to gloat; as in "For us, there's nothing sweeter than beating the Americans." That didn't go over too well at the last Ryder Cup.

With his cocky attitude and impressive 15 points in 20 Cup matches, El Nino is definitely a polarizing presence. You loath him if he's against you but love him if he's on your side.

Which brings me to the meat of this story. There was no one by Sergio's side on the Red Carpet at the Ryder Cup Gala Dinner the other night. As other players showed off their glamorous girlfriends and winsome wives, Sergio stood alone. In 2006 the handsome Spainiard shared the Ryder Cup experience with beautiful Morgan-Leigh Norman, but that romance cooled a while back, since then Sergio seems be enjoying life as a PGA bachelor.

Well, live coverage is on right now. Let me go see how Sergio's single status is serving him on the fairways and greens of Valhalla.