Awsome October Golf in the Hudson Valley

Just over an hour north of New York City is the beautiful, pastoral Hudson Valley.

Dairy farms and Apple Orchards share the landscape with Historic Estates and Quaint little towns. In October, the Hudson Valley is at it's at its best as the flaming foliage casts a warm glow over everything.

Yesterday we enjoyed an awesome day of golf in this region with the dashing golf style writers of Styled to a Tee. We played at the Links at Union Vale,an amazing links style course, created by a group Irish golfers residing in the New York City area. The course esentially recreates "18 holes of Ireland" in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley.

It was a frosty fall morning. Cat and I put on multiple layers and to warm up by hitting some balls. Yes, we looked like a couple of Michelin Tire men, but at least we didn't freeze.

A links course requiers extreme precision...well executed shots and the patience to lay up. There are so many places for golf balls to hide. Cat and I relinquished a couple dozen to the Links at Union Vale.

Nick lost a few too, but loves a links course. I think he's planning to play this course at least once before the season ends.

The Styled to a Tee golfers were amazing too. They played so well, looked so good and were extremely patient with our many errant shots...what could be better than that. Autumn golf in the Northeastern United States is some of the best there is, but it can't go on forever. This was an awesome day...a perfect way to wind down the season.