Of Red Tees & Grass Ceilings - Golf Gender Issues

I've always been a huge fan of the red tees, in fact, I celebrate them.

You see, I'm not particularly competitive by nature, and my goal in golf has always
been to have fun and enjoy an awesome, entertaining sport. Oh, I work on my game...probably more than most; taking regular lessons, trying all kinds of tips and techniques and spending much of my free time practicing. And, I love it when I play well. But at this stage, I just don't feel compelled to try to prove myself by hitting with the guys, and I've got to admit I find it a bit ludicrous when see a woman who plays at my level, insisting on the white, or even the blue tees, because she doesn't want an unfair advantage. The result is slow play and lots of lost golf balls. Why not use the red tees? Red tees Rule. And I've got to confess think it's kind of when the guys I'm playing with succumb to a water hazard, or a long tangled stretch shrubbery, while I sail on by to the friendly red tees.

However a recent study from researchers from the University of New Mexico suggests that when it comes to business golf, red tees may actually be a barrier to women's advancement and an integral part of the so-called, "grass ceiling".

This is an interesting article and I think there are elements of truth in it. For the time being though, I'm sticking with the reds.