Glorious Autumn Golf Weekend in New England (Updated II)

The weather was as awesome as it gets. I played golf and worked on my new videos...even wore a visor...after criticizing the look numerous times.

We're about a week away from peak color here in southwestern CT and the leaf peepers are on the prowl.

Update: Regarding my "hair glow", the truth is, I was attempting to become a blonde add a few subtle highlights for a video I was making...and managed to turn my hair a kind of glowing orange color, which was somewhat cool and somewhat scary. I'm rehabilitating it now, but it actually looks much better in real life and on the video which I'll be posting soon.

More about my fun and fabulous golf weekend later today.

Update II:
Well yes, today flew by, and the weekend's just a memory. But a really good one. On Saturday I went up to the pastoral, pretty town of Southbury, where I love to play alone on the awesome little par 3. And it was perfect. Families, couples, senior citizens...those were the golfers making there ways across the rolling hills of Gainsfield Farms. Nary a testosterone-fuled foursome to be found. That was fine with me, I wasn't in a hurry. I practiced my short game, the pitches and chips and bunker shots. Did lots of putting too. It was good.

On Sunday I played Candlewood Valley with Nick, and I played NBFM. My score was 102. Yes...that's NBFM. I'm still hoping to break 100 by the end of this season, and I'm pretty sure I will. Some would say "you're on your third season and you still haven't broken 100? To which I'd respond, "Yeah, I'm normal."