NYC Golf on Randall's Island - The Video

I blogged briefly last week about our trip out to Randall's Island Golf Center, the amazing full service golf venue just minutes from midtown Manhattan. Well I was actually there with my twin sister Cat, and here's the video we made.

We froze our butts off It was somewhat chilly that morning while we were filming, but the sun came out came out around noon, and we had an awesome time.

The staff is ultra friendly. Welcoming, warm and accessible. They completely dispel the old myths about rude, unfriendly New Yorkers...and those about golfers as snobbish custodians of an elitist sport. As I mentioned in my previous post there are tons of amenities, making this the perfect place to spend an entire day. Families from Manhattan and Queens come over the bridge on bicycles, hipsters head in from Brooklyn and stylish uptown girls arrive on the Golf Center shuttle. The sheer diversity of the crowd was impressive. It was a virtual golf melting pot, like NY itself, I guess.

Kelley Brooke
is the Golf Director, and the force behind Randalls Island Golf Center, and in her 30+ years in the golf industry, she's done more for golf in New York City, particularly Junior Golf and the Women's game, than anyone, ever.

This little video is just a peek at our day, but the entire experience out at Randall's Island Golf Center was pure fun and I'd recommend it to anyone lucky enough to be spending time in or around New York City.

Check out: Randall's Island Golf Center for more detailed info on the golf center and PUMA to find some of the awesome golf gear we're wearing