Show Me the Golf - The Club House is Open!

Leave it to a couple of Golf Punk guys to create what looks to be a very promising "webtv golf online digital type arrangement". called Show Me the Golf, and I say promising because I was laughing within a few seconds of landing on their home page. That's always a good sign in my book. Also, I hung out there for minutes. Such is the vibe at Show Me the Golf.

The site is in its beta infancy, they're gradually rolling out features, but already it's ultra engaging. Which is really no surprise when you consider the publishing pedigrees of the founders. Tim Southwell was co-founder of Loaded magazine and more recently, founder of hugely successful Golf Punk magazine. Then there's co-founder John Dean who was also a co-founder at Golf Punk. Enough said, Show me the Golf is going to be good. They've got a fun blog too. Today's post was entitled, Teenage Golf Sex: Foreplay Shocker!...and I thought I was the master of link-bait Headlines.

Show Me the Golf is British at heart but I know it's going to be popular here in the US ...and anywhere golf is spoken. Some things are just that universal. So head over to Show Me the Golf, check out their first show and join the social network. I'll see you there, K?