Twin Golf Girls Are All Over the Place

Being a twin has its ups and downs...or so they say. When I looked up "being a twin" earlier today I was confronted with a number of negative articles; How to Survive Being a Twin, The Frustrations of Being a Twin and even about,"the cognative cost of being a twin" which claimed that just being a twin could you cost 5 IQ points...per twin!

Personally Cat and I have always loved being twins... and haven't been bothered by any of the aforementioned downsides. We've never felt our individuality was compromised... and our IQs have alway tested above normal (though come to think of it we've both made a multitude of blunderous decisions over the years).

On the golf course, like everywhere else, twins tend to get more attention than...normal people. It's not that I'm an attention whore attention seeker or anything, but I've been encouraging Cat to get out on the greens with me. Well she has, and she's doing really well, hitting consistently in the low 120s after just her first season. Neither of us is ultra competitive, we just love the game, and play when ever we can. However while our games purely recreational, there are several sets of Golf Girl twins who played at a very high level.

Take Aree and Naree Song, the Korean/Thai twins were the first twins to compete on the LPGA tour. They've been known to show up on The Golf Channel's "Playing Lessons from the Pros" too. And both Naree and Aree qualified for the tour on their first try.

Then you've got Sam and Jo Head from Surrey, England. In addition to competing on the LET, these blonde British lasses have taken the media by storm. Samantha appeared on Big Break Kaanapali...while sister Johanna, who's also playing on the LPGA tour, is one of the Wilhelmina 7.

Probably the most promising twin golf girls now though, are Ireland's Lisa and Leona McGuire. The two competed head to head recently at the Irish women's amateur golf championship where Leona Maguire ultimately beat her twin sister Lisa. Here's a very comprehensive video that shows the twins practicing and playing in their native Ireland.

Those are some talented twins! It's enough to make high handicap twins like Cat and me extremely envious. But we don't even go there. Despite our high scores we always have fun. And these days we're making Golf Girl videos together. The frames here are from the one we're working on now, Golf Etiquette for Beginners. It's a humorous take that, none the less, drives home the importance of the etiquette basics that allow beginners to navigate a course.

As you might imagine, we're having a blast making this show.