Barack Obama's Controversial Golf Style Statement

Several months ago I wrote about the great cargo shorts conundrum.

It was spring time... and the golf season was just getting under way. I had received an email from a reader who was struggling with dress code issues at his private club ...and most thorny of those issues concerned the voluminous shorts with multiple pockets.
The post asked, "Do cargo shorts belong on a golf course, or not?" ...and it provoked a visceral reaction.

Well the future president of the United States seems to have come down squarely on the side of the cargo wearing kids. Because that's just what he wore when he played in Hawaii over the weekend. Now Mr. Obama sported a neat, tucked in polo and a stylish leather belt but his trousers were definitely cargo.

Unlike others, I've spotted sporting the style the future President looked casually elegant, and I doubt he would run afoul of dress code warriors... no matter the club he was playing at.

I just wonder what he uses as a ball marker??

Credit: Gerald Herbert/AP