Golf on Hold - Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

There was no way to play golf this weekend...we got a foot of snow on Friday, and more yesterday when these shots were taken.

I happen to have a collection of old school snowmen...small statues from the 50's and 60's. I took the collection outside and photographed it ... in its natural element... so to speak. I hope to use the pictures for my digital holiday cards.

Nick hates the small plastic figures. He finds them tacky. That's his problem, because I think they're cute.

We spent most of the weekend indoors; I made Christmas Cookies, Cranberry Sauce and a Velouté de légumes (an awesome French vegetable soup). We had hot cider with bourbon, and eggnog with rum, and an lovely Côtes du Rhône, and actually... I don't remember much else about the weekend. Except that it was good.