Golfer Nikki Garrett Plays a Sexy Honey Bee

This Killer Bee got lots of buzz earlier this week at the lighthearted Jack Newton Celebrity Classic, wearing gossamer wings and a striped tank top over a fluffy little mini yellow skirt.

Nikki's swing does not appear to have been affected much by her wing.

The Jack Newton Classic is a 36 hole pro-am style tournament that celebrated it's 30th year this year at Cypress Lakes Resort in Australia's Hunter Valley. Celebrities and golfers compete on the course and raise money for charity. By all accounts it's an awesome, spirited event that some of the pros see as their “Aussie Christmas Party” on tour.

This year's event was won by Simon Furneaux in a playoff with Ewan Porter (he of the recent Aussie Golfer Facebook Feud).

And if you think Nikki's Bumblebee was the most revealing costume you're mistaken. Fellow golfer Katy Jarochowicz was swinging in ... a towel.

Photograph: Robert Mckell


  1. Just a tad strange if you ask me.

  2. Where's my flower costume?

  3. Inspired by the Bee Guy from The Simpsons ? Was Fred Funk invited to play in his pink skirt ? :-)

  4. I always wondered whatever happened to the "bumble bee girl" from the Blind Melons' video.

  5. Shows you the confidence these ladies have. To be able to play in that bee costume...or in a towel. You sure can't be self-conscious for that!

  6. beats those depression era golf fashions by a landslide!

  7. "Katy! It's time to throw in the towel!" (I bet she heard that a time or two)

  8. Katy's towel was the epitome of understated elegance. However, there was a Marilyn Monroe impersonator who was bordering on vulgar. In a nice way.

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