Golf Helps One Girl Catch the Eye of The Bachelor

To be honest, I had no idea reality TV was still pumping out new versions of The Bachelor.

I thought it all ended back in '06 when everyone started questioning the bona fides of exotic bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese of Rome New Jersey.

But I was wrong. The lowbrow love connection is still going strong. Season 13 has just launched on ABC, and along with spinoff, The Bachelorette, it remains wildly popular. I guess the success is in their mathematical formula:

∫∞ [killer abs + chiseled arms] ± [long tan legs + ample cleavage] ∈ premium booze ∩ body shots ÷ epic Mars/Venus meltdowns = Hit Show

It actually seems to work!?! As they say; Who da thunk it?

Anyway, it seems one clever young lady on this latest incarnation of the show is wise to a little known fact that should be second nature to single women seeking mates...or dates: golf is an excellent way to to connect with a high quality guy.

Molly Malaney set herself apart from the 25 other desperate highly motivated ladies with this flirty opener, "I hear you're a golfer. What's your swing?"

I'm assuming she meant swing speed, or swing style, but in any case bachelor Jason Mesnick, himself a former country club golf pro, liked it; Molly advanced to the next episode with the Top contenders. I'm thinking those other ladies better get their derrieres to the range ASAP, or Molly's going to get that final rose for sure.

In the meantime perhaps we can look forward to a golf course date on a future episode. I might even tune in for that.