The NYT Natalie Gulbis Twitter Interview

Last week, when I first told you about finding Natalie Gulbis on the social site, Twitter, I mentioned she'd be talking about it in an interview...with the New York Times, no less. Well, the interview is here, and it's quite interesting.

It profiles Natalie's Twitter style compared to that of another famous athlete, the larger than life basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal. Yep, he's on there too.

The way these two stars communicate on Twitter is quite different, but the fact is, each is reaching out to a new audience in a new, and much more direct way.

As the article points out, this kind of intimate communication is not without risks, but the rewards can be great too, as it establishes an affinity and an accessibility that will certainly create more dedicated fans.

I give them both Kudos for taking the plunge and Twittering. And I look forward to reading their "Tweets" in the future.