Nikki Garrett - Multiple Albatross Golf Girl

Have you ever hit an albatross?

Neither have I. The albatross is a rare bird, and a rare feat in golf. That's what makes Nikki Garrett's albatross... on Oatlands Golf Club's par-five fourth, at the NSW Women's Open yesterday... so impressive.

And you know what's even more impressive? It was her third such bird. Ms. Garrett bagged her first Albatross when she was only 14, then another when she was 20, both at her home course Tuggerah Lakes on Australia's Central Coast. Friday's feat was accomplished with driver and a four iron, and the resulting seven-under-par 65 round earned her a course record...briefly. Ubertalented Korean-born Australian, Sarah Oh, caught up to share yesterday's lead, and today sailed to the top of the board where she currently resides at 10 under...while Nikki's 1-over 73 has her trailing at six-under.

We'll see what tomorrow brings to scorching New South Wales. In any case I got a kick out of the gorgeous Ms. Garrett's rather nonchalant reaction to her amazing Albatross.

"I saw it land on the green but didn't see it go in. I saw a guy clap and I thought, 'Cool'."