What Tiger Woods Really Means, Elegantly Elucidated

You may not know it from reading this blog, but Tiger Woods is a really big deal for me. I do write about him, but not often, because I figure he's being covered to a fare-thee-well by just about everyone else who writes about golf...and because this blog specializes in the lighter, fluffier side of golf. Tiger, needless to say, is neither light nor fluffy. That said, like every other golf blogger (writer, journalist, content producer) I'm perpetually attuned to Tiger news.

Earlier this week, on my daily golf blog meander, a stop at Three Putt of my favorite spots for honest, engaging golf content...led me to The Meaning of Tiger, an implausibly fine essay on the Tiger Woods.

I admire magnificent writing as much as I admire sensational golf, and this piece by Joe Posnanski is sublime. If like 96% of golf bloggers, you have a google alert for "Tiger Woods" you've probably already read it... and marveled over it. It's both lyrical and elegant. if you write about golf, this is what you aspire to, and if haven't read it, you simply must.