Golf Girl Media Plays Sawgrass...Sort Of

Vicariously... through Jason Sadler, the man who wears shirts.

I was pretty amazed to see Jason at Sawgrass. -When he told me he'd try to do something "golf-oriented" on "my day", I assumed I'd see him playing putt-putt or maybe wii Golf.

But there he was, at Sawgrass in his Golf Girl Media shirt...layered over what looked like black Under Armour...with his rusty left handed clubs. It was unusually icy in the sunshine state today too.

Then Jason did a livecast, like he does everyday, conversing with the people in the chat room. I was in the frozen tundra of New York City so couldn't be there, but watched it after the fact. Check both of these out at Jason's blog, along with his nightly recap. -Each evening Jason does a recap of the day's shirt activities. I made this video for that recap, and in it we announce the winner of the golf gift basket box; Nicole who has an awesome shopping site called The Sale Rack.

All in all it was a really good experience. Having Jason wear my shirt. He did a great job, in fact, I bought another day, July 22. We'll see what happens then.

The thing is, I really love this sort of thing. It's creative and cost effective and I think it's a great way to get a certain type of message out... to a certain type of person.

I'm just hoping maybe Jason takes a couple/few lessons before he puts my shirt on again. IWYS Day