Pretty Tough Girls Play Golf ...and Lots of Other Sports

The Pretty Tough girls are an amazing group of athletes representing virtually every sport imaginable. They're young and competitive, and part of Pretty Tough sports, the internet's top media brand for young female athletes. Their mission is to motivate young women to lead active, healthy lifestyles and encourage them to embrace both femininity and athleticism.

Their website, the cover golf...and dozens of other sports from martial arts, to motocross... from drag racing to rodeo. There's hardly a sport these girls don't get into. And they extend it with a web TV channel and an established presence on the social networks. I meet up with them regularly on MySpace, Facebook.

In their golf section they recently posted this a series of short films featuing top professional golfers expressing support for Golf's bid to the Olympics. As much as I love Roller Sports, Karate and Soft Ball, I'm pulling for Golf in London in 2012.