There Will be Nude Golf in New Zealand Today

Happy Friday!

You probably didn't know this, but today is World Nude Day. "A day to set yourself free". Or so they say on the whimsically designed website that presents the frisky festivities.

New Zealand is the place World Nude Day originated. Which is not surprising when you consider that the beautiful country is sparsely populated and multicultural. Plus, the lifestyle way down under appears to be closer to nature and less stressful than in more... crowded countries.

The highlight of World Nude Day is an on-line video contest and the rules (informatively outlined on their site) are pretty simple:

1. Get nude.
2. Get a mate to film you.
3. Do something funny.
4. Upload it here for all to see.
5. Top 10 global entries chosen by official judges.
6. Winner decided by judges combined with public vote!

Of course the topic of your video doesn't have to be golf, but I did see several entries that took place on golf courses, a couple that featured strategically placed golf bags and one where two hefty kiwis engage in a naked golf cart race.

The contest is open to everyone, and according to the website, the prize is actually quite...motivating: US$10,000 in gold!! ~ And it doesn't seem there are many exhibitionists in the world... making the odds of winning quite good. It was almost enough to inspire me to make an appointment at my local Mystic Tan.

So check out the site (if you're not offended by nudity)and you may even be tempted to strip down and make your own au naturale masterpiece.