Golf Guys: Just Embrace Your Personal Style Already

While many were still twittering about the pink & orange argyle Awesomeness golf pants John Daly wore at the Open de Espana yesterday, Shane Bacon, Chief of Fashion Police at FanHouse, and editor of the brilliant, Dogs that Chase Cars, was intently studying the attire at Quail Hollow today.

And what he discovered had him... once again... wondering about the one we affectionately call Lefty; "Where exactly is Mr. Mickelson going with his look?"

That seemed to be the question on Shane's mind, and this time it was apparently precipitated by a not-at-all-unattractive green belt.

The photo above was offered as evidence of Phil's latest fashion folly. And, while it's a definite improvement over "Phil-in-a-white-belt", "Phil-in-a-green-belt" is still not completely "appropriate" for Phil Mickelson.

Why? Because you can can JUST TELL... that lovable Lefty would really rather be rocking wearing a "normal belt". That is... a belt in black or brown leather... something that wouldn't be noticed. Even by the astute eyes of Shane Bacon.

Mr. Mickelson's own personal look (with the exception of an unfortunate encounter with a Conquistador Helmet early in his career) has always been stylistically uneventful... what's know among the golf fashion blogger elite as, "unremarkable ubiquitousness".

It's an extremely popular style on the PGA tour; we all know it - khaki pants, an ample discreetly colored polo and the standard billed cap/visor - And Phil Mickelson wears it better than anyone. Because that's his style...the style he feels 100% comfortable in. You can JUST TELL.

Granted, at first it may seem unfair; John Daly can wear wildly patterned pants in a plethora of neon colors... and be well received by most observers... while Phil Mickelson can't even wear a conservative `forest green belt without having fans scratch their heads and ask, "what's up with Phil and that crazy belt?" Am I Right?

Of course I am. Because, as I've said before, it's all about personal style, and if you let someone else convince you to diverge from yours, you're probably not going to feel quite right. And it'll inevitably show.

So, Golf Guys: Go with what you are and embrace your inner you. If you're an exuberant, outgoing, extrovert with a big personality, by all means rock the argyle pants (and you can order them right here). However, if you're understated... and/or shy... and/or conservative... stick with the basics, and wear them proudly.

OK, this post went on far longer than I intended it to, and at this point anyone who accuses me of dwelling on the superficial nuances of golf fashion ad ad nauseum may be justified.