The Great Gundy and The One-Eyed Golfer

I read lots of golf blogs.

These days, a surprising number are extremely well researched and written... expertly edited and thoroughly entertaining... with content that's singularly unique and original.

One of my favorites - one that embodies all of the above characteristics, and then some - is Vince Spence's One-Eyed Golfer. A sympathetic voice and sense of history make his frequent posts a pleasure to peruse.

For example, Friday's piece on The Great Gundy. Perhaps I'm one of the few who were unaware of this champion's inspiring story, but unaware I was, and I thank Mr. Spence for enlightening me.

Definitely check out the post if you haven't, and if you're not a regular reader of One-Eyed Golfer, have a look through it... and I'm quite sure you'll soon become one.