Seema Sadekar Wears the Cutest Golf Outfits

Every time I see Seema Sadekar she's wearing something really cute.

Whether she's practicing on the range, posing in a photo studio or teeing it up at a tournament, the girl is invariably dressed in something uber-stylish.

The fact that she possesses a mysteriously exotic beauty that's seen rather infrequently (let's face it) in media portrayals of our sport makes Seema's style all the more unique and alluring.

Seema plays on the Duramed Futures Tour and she was the top money-winner last year on the Canadian Women’s Tour. She's clearly dedicated to the game, but at the same time she makes it clear she values and enjoys the fun, fashionable side of golf too. I think that's a killer combination, and one that's great for the sport.

Now if Seema's last name and distinctive looks seem familiar to you it's probably because the golf media was abuzz not long ago about Play Golf Designs and its founder...who's none other than Nisha Sadekar, Seema's sister ...and business partner.

The girls and their company got some dubious media attention recently with a article that was rather more titillating than expected. However, as serious and savvy professionals, both Seema and Nisha were able to gracefully overcome the controversy and move on.

While Nisha is back to overseeing the events and charity functions she's so well known for, Seema is playing in the Ladies Titan Tire Challenge. And I guarantee you she's wearing some awesome outfits.