One Golf Guy's Michael Jordan Fashion Obsession

The Golf Guy in question is none other than the one sometimes known as "Mr. Golf Girl". Yes I'm talking about my husband, Nick.

Nick's never been particularly interested in golf fashion, preferring to stick with the classic khaki trousers + solid polo + golf cap. Always American cut - despite his French background - and always within a very limited color pallet. As much as I've tried to inject some color into his golf wardrobe, he still sticks with his Black, White, Brown and Navy. It's not too exciting but it seems to work for him.

So I was surprised when he seemed fixated on Mr. Jordan's purple shirt during the recent Tahoe Celebrity Golf Challenge. When I mentioned it, he revealed that he'd been obsessing over admiring Mr. Jordan's golf style for years, and considered him the best dressed golfer he'd ever seen on any course, anywhere. So maybe MJ might be just the inspiration Nick needs to change it up... add a little color maybe. I can think of worse golf fashion roll models.

Oh, and if you've ever seen Michael Jordan in his underwear you probably know: a) he looks good in white and b) he represents Hanes. For the chance to win a VIP trip for two to MJ's own Celebrity Golf Invitational at Atlantis, Paradise Island (which looks to be the awesome-est event ever in history) enter the MJ MiniGolf Sweepstakes. There's a fun on line game to play too.