BirdieSisters make the Doral Publix Junior Golf Classic


I told you they were awesome.

When I wrote about Erica and Myah Jackson earlier this month I was pretty sure it wouldn't be long before there was more to their story. Well, there is more.

The talented and beautiful golf girls known as the BirdieSisters have just been accepted into the Doral-Publix Junior Golf Classic, the premiere tournament in junior golf.

Over 680 junior golfers from around the world participate in this tournament every year. And, contestants not only have to be great golfers but they've also got to demonstrate academic excellence in the classroom. OK, great golfers + excellent students + talented in so many other ways = Erica and Myah Jackson.

The tournament takes place December 16,17 and 18 in Doral, Fl. and you can be sure these two ladies will be giving it their all.

Oh, and check out the BirdieSisters trying out the awesome black balls by Golf Refugees.