Halloween - The Ghosts of Golf's Golden Age

Halloween isn't an option in our neighborhood. We get thousands of sweet-seeking visitors each year because we live on the ideal trick-or-treat street: close to the center of town, lined with ornate Victorian Houses, expansive, well-maintained sidewalks. Deer Hill is known throughout the county, and ghoulish revelers come from several towns out.

Each year we have a party... of sorts... at our house. Actually it's a couple of hours of chaotic candy distribution followed by a couple more hours of heavy alcohol consumption wholesome refreshments and costumed karaoke. Last year we even had a putting contest... which for some reason, nobody won.

We always establish a basic theme for the costumes and decor. In recent years we've done everything from "Arabian Nights" to "Pillaging Pirates" to "Intergalactic Exploration". With varying degrees of success.

This year I came up with the brilliant "Gatsby Golf Zombies" theme.

Also known as "Zombie Golfers of the Golden Age", it's basically just 1920s golf outfits and Zombie Makeup. I've got Nick's UnDead Tillinghast costume all set - complete with a pipe and Winged Foot Design Plan. Now I've got to strong-arm him into wearing it. As for my own costume working... I've running into a bit of trouble. Because when I started looking for inspiration, I kept coming up with things like this...and this... and this.

So you see what the problem is, right? These ladies were amazing champions; Joyce Wethered, Glenna Collett Vare, Patty Berg... among the best ever. And I'm sure their outfits, at the time... were considered... cute? Or sporty? But they clearly don't mesh with the idea of 21st Century Halloween costumes.

This year it looks like I'm going to have to sacrifice the "one night a year when it's OK for a nice girl to look like a dominatrix ho or a 8th Ave hooker or a total slut naughty and channel my inner Glenna Collett Vare. I'm pretty sure I can get the costume right, just don't ask me to channel her game.

Happy Halloween!