Golf Wins Olympics Spot - Golfer Wins Nobel Prize


It was just confirmed:
the International Olympic Committee has approved the inclusion of golf in the 2016 Olympics. Excellent news for many of us, but some aren't so sure...and others flat out hate the idea ...and Jay Busbee at Devil Ball Golf is just wondering where the heck they're going to play?

Barack Obama. OK, he's no pro, but he's a dedicated recreational golfer. One who plays every chance he gets... and, now he's a Nobel Laureate.

Like golf in the Olympics, not everyone approves, but this morning's unexpected announcement is certainly huge news. I'm not sure how this'll affect the President's rumored Sunday visit to the President's Cup but I think we can expect the reaction to this award to be something like... um, the opposite of what happened when the Chief Executive's recent efforts to bring the Olympic Games to Chicago failed.

Get ready for a talk radio rumble.