Sergio Garcia - Shares Lead at Madrid Masters... and Appears on Lame Spanish Letterman Show

" I didn't hit the ball as well as yesterday which was a shame," said Garcia "There were about four putts that I should have made ... but overall I'm happy with the round."

As well he should have been. At the Madrid Masters today, Señor Garcia shot a 5-under 67. He now heads into the weekend at 13-under 131, sharing a one-shot lead with David Drysdale of Scotland.

Earlier this week Sergio revealed that though it was his "ultimate goal" to win a major, he wouldn't be devastated if he didn't. “I am working and training to win at a major,” he told a reporter from Spanish newspaper As, “I would like to do it, but if I end my career and I haven’t managed one I won’t be any less happy.”

It definitely looks like "El Nino, has put things into perspective, and today he was clearly pleased to hear that golf would once again be an Olympic sport and said that he looked forward to participating in Rio... and perhaps beyond.

While in Madrid for the Masters though, Sergio is doing what top golfers do when they're in New York: making appearances and doing interviews. Dashing golf blogger Pablo Herrero at Fuera des Limites wrote about one such appearance.

The show “El Hormiguero” is a kind of Spanish version of Letterman. Pablo Motos, is the acerbic and unpredictable host, (who may or may not sleep with subordinates) and you either love the show, or can't stand it. Mr. Herrero can't stand it, and after watching the video I can totally see why. In the excerpt below Sergio is subjected to a couple of sinister news reading puppets, and an extremely lame golf game played with eggs and kitchen utensils. ~ I'm guessing it's a Spanish version of stupid human tricks. Enjoy.