Madrid Masters: First Golf Girl Swings With Sergio

While the President's men were courting a bit of controversy at San Francisco's Harding Park, a different kind of tournament was underway in the capitol of Spain.

The Madrid Masters is underway, and today yielded an unexpected leader. Manuel Quiros (not to be confused with Alvaro) is not someone most of us have heard of... not here in the US anyway. He's an unassuming 30-year-old, rated 1076th in the world. However today at Centro Nacional de Golf he killed it, carding 10 birdies for a round winning 62.

Meanwhile Sergio Garcia, (remember Sergio? I do.) was pretty awesome as well. His round of 64 included a 15 foot eagle putt. The tempestuous Spaniard has had a less than stellar season and is certainly hoping to salvage something by winning a time or two before year's end.

A couple of days ago, at the blustery and wind-swept Madrid Masters ProAm, Sergio was overheard laughing and joking with an impressive playing partner; Esperanza Aguirre. She's the blonde, Prada-wearing Mayor (President) of Madrid. She's passionate about golf too, having spearheaded the effort to create more courses in Madrid... and grow the golf across the country. Sergio complimented the first lady on her game, and she spoke of his friendliness and how enjoyable it was to play with Spain's top golfer.

Ms. Aguirre, who was the first woman to have been President of the Senate, was also Minister of Education and Sport, and recently presented her country's bid to host the 2016 Olympics, Unfortunately like Chicago and Tokyo... Madrid lost out to Brazil. A huge disappointment to be sure, But then there's the 2018 Ryder Cup. Madrid is bidding for it, and I'm quite sure Esperanza Aguirre will be lobbying hard to get it.