Golf Rank - Ian Poulter Reaches 15th With his Win

As you've no doubt heard, despite a decidedly wobbly weekend, awesome Ian Poulter won the Barclays Singapore Open yesterday, and in doing so moved up to a career-best 15th in the World Golf rankings.

The extravagant Englishman - who's been criticized for missing some recent tournaments - showed up in Singapore rested and focused on his goal: "to get close to the world's top 10". ~ Winning in a field that included Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Padraig Harrington was a decisive step in the right direction.

The event was not without drama however, and the final round was virtually wire-to-wire. At the 12th hole...after his third bogey... Mr. Poulter found himself a shot behind Graeme McDowell, but he kept his nerve and ultimately prevailed, taking the trophy from China's Liang Wen-chong by a single shot.

Mr. Poulter's penchant for saying (or Tweeting) exactly what's on his mind... along with his ultra flamboyant rather distinctive style... have earned him an army of supporters... a fair share of detractors too. The haters have even created entire forums devoted to Poulter bashing. Forums like the quaint, creatively-entitled Ian Poulter Sucks Forum, a place for anti-fans to take virtual jabs at Ian... and any other players they may be hating at the moment. They leave such poetic comments as:

*Go back to England you pr!ck!
*Poulter is an idiot.
*Poulter is one of the best golfers of our lifetime and Tiger is an over-rated joke.
*Poulter would be the tour d!ck if it weren't for Sergio.
*I love you Ian !!!

Yes... it can be difficult to keep those annoying fans from spoiling the hate fest. Oh well, Ian Poulter probably doesn't have time to read the forums anyway. ~ Right now he's off to the HSBC Champions in China, to join the likes of Tiger Woods (sometimes known as an over-rated joke), and Sergio Garcia, defending champion (and according to IPS, the reigning tour d1ck).

As winter temperatures descend on New England closing down some sections of the golf landscape, that's something to look forward to.