2009 - Best of the Year in Golf by HOG Space

It's the that time of year again; the time when lists proliferate, "best of" lists, in particular.

You've got the conventional ones like "Best iPhone apps of 2009", and best books of 2009, etc. ~ Then there are some not-so-conventional ones that we... won't go into here.

Tony Korologos, the editor of Hooked on Golf Blog...which happens to be one of the golf world's longest running and most popular online destinations... has hand-picked "bests" in a number of categories.

You'll recognize some of Tony's choices: the TaylorMade r9 driver or the Bridgestone B330-RX golf balls for example. Then there are the companies that are newer on the scene, like Sumi-G.

Well I'm pleased (and proud and thankful) to say Golf Girl's Diary was selected as Best Golf Site for Women. With all the awesome new women's golf blogs and sites out there it's a real honor to be chosen. And 2010, with Golf Girl's Little Tartan book coming out in April and a new Golf Girl portal, promises to be Golf Girl's most exciting year ever. I look forward to sharing it all with you.