Accenture Match Play - Poulter's Patience Pays Off


Through myriad matches and diverse opponents Ian James Poulter prevailed, defeating fellow Englishman Paul Casey to take the title at Accenture Match Play.

Some immediately proclaimed it a huge win while others brushed it off as no big deal. Poulter himself was sanguine, and satisfied with a maiden PGA Tour victory that he felt had "...been a long time coming." And having written about Ian Poulter for several years now... mainly puff pieces that revolved are porkpie hats or pink patent leather golf shoes... I had to agree with that sentiment.

Back a couple of years ago, before golf discovered social media... when the message was still largely controlled by a handful of prestigious print publications with substantial ad revenues, Ian Poulter was often ridiculed. Or at the very least, he was looked down upon as a something of a buffoon; spoiled, subversive Eurotrash... style over substance.

Any on-course brush with brilliance was considered a fluke, or written off as an anomaly. And when he appeared in the altogether and proclaimed himself a possible successor to Tiger Woods, many a golf scribe became downright indignant.

That this preening, self-indulgent, slightly louche, Rod-Stewart-look-alike would compare himself to our clean cut, self-disciplined, always-above-reproach Tiger Woods was outrageous and insulting.

Flash forward two years: the golf media landscape has been transformed by the digital age and declining ad dollars, and our ever-exemplary golf champion has been exposed as a man living a lie... a rather salacious, smarmy lie at that. As for Ian James Poulter he's still strutting around like a peacock, in purple plaid and various shades of pink. ~ But at number five in the world, with a PGA Tour under his white alligator belt, most are taking him quite seriously.