Bold, Blonde Golf Blogger Stealthily Stalks John Daly

Heather Jones, for those of you who don't know, is a mid-western Mom and editor of the popular blog Real Women Golf. She's resplendently blonde and beautiful... and though she's been playing for less than five years she's already flirting with a single digit handicap.

Let's face it, as a raven-haired, wannabe blonde... who's handicap hovers around 25... I might be tempted to... you know... hate her. But with Heather that's not possible. She's too nice to even resent. And empathetic and funny and... just really nice. A welcome rarity in today's snark-infested golf media world.

And Ms. Jones happens to be John Daly fan. A really big, unrepentant John Daly fan. She writes about him regularly, banters with him on Twitter and won't miss an episode of Being John Daly. So when she serendipitously met up with him on a FL course yesterday, no one was really surprised. Well, except maybe Mr. Daly and his playing partners. But in a good way. I know the photo above (presumably shot with an iphone) doesn't reveal much... but check out the video at Heather's site, it even includes a "rip it and grip it" demo.

Somehow I'm guessing Heather's golf vacation has already been declared a major success.