Wanted: Excellent Golfer With a Classy Golf Wardrobe

Do you know Jill Flint? How about Jill Casey? I've got to say, I didn't know either of them until about a half hour ago.

They're actually the same person, because Ms. Casey plays Jill Flint on the USAnetwork cable series, Royal Pains. A show about doctors practicing in the Hamptons, New York's elegant coastal community.

It sounds like the requested golf wardrobe should be pleasingly preppy, after all the show partnered with Lacoste earlier this year for a charity shirt exchange in New York City.

So, the casting company is now looking for a golfer... an excellent golfer... to be be a kind of a kind of golf body double, thus they're seeking someone who plays well. Of course that person also has to look like the character in question, ie. about 5'7, Caucasian, with straight medium-long brown hair.

All the specs are in this CL ad. If you fit the bill why not have some fun with it?