Camilo Villegas, Nudity & The Messed-up Game of Golf

by Jordan Farr

Holy Nakedness... a gentleman golfer posing nude!?!

Camilo Villegas, one of the World’s top golfers and a perennial Golf Girl favorite, will be appearing in the upcoming Body Issue of ESPN Magazine in the buff... nekkid, as they say in today’s lingo ~ And here’s the thing: no one’s really making that big a deal of it.

At first this surprised me, you see, I’m still getting to know golf and its stars... the personalities and past histories. I thought this was a stretch, I mean golf has such a conservative reputation, I was thinking jeez, what is this... a “golfer gone rogue” or something?

Well, as it turns out... not so much. I quickly found out, there was a precedent... Mr. Villegas isn’t the only golfer who’s posed nude, three LPGA players posed for the issue last year, including Christina Kim, another Golf Girl favorite. So far, the reception Spiderman’s gotten has been mild compared to the one that greeted Ms. Kim and her LPGA colleagues when they hoped onto a golf cart in the altogether last year.

Now, Mr. Villegas has been a fitness model for a while, and that’s probably part of why he wanted to be in the issue... after all, he offered to do it. And though he's a stellar golfer he admits it's always a battle. “Golf is a messed-up game." he stated, adding that "When you feel you’ve figured it out is when you’re going to struggle.”

But Camilo is fun loving and even makes jokes on the green. In the NYT article yesterday, he told a story of when two of his friends showed up late for one his tournaments, once they finally arrived he got not one, but TWO birdies! At which point he told them, “Why didn’t you get here earlier?”

Regarding the risque pictorial spread, the Colombian heart-throb declared with a smile, “It was a very interesting shoot”

So, What do you all of you think of these new-style golfers -- younger and more open? Is this good or bad for the game? Personally, I think it is great... But then I may a bit biased.
Photos: Scott Halleran/Getty Images North America
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images