Molinari - Rocca - Colmar : The Elegance of Italian Golf

Earlier this year Edoardo Molinari said that Colmar was "...a brand in sync with his personality and tastes".

He's a global ambassador for the iconic Italian apparel company and is often one of the best dressed golfers on the course. ~ For 80 years,  the company has been well known for its golf apparel...  ski jackets and snow suits as well.

The brand was actually launched in 1923, when Mario Columbo decided to build the first factory.  Nowadays the golf line is being worn not only by Eduardo but also by Molinari role model Constantino Rocco.

A friend sent me the video in anticipation of the upcoming Ryder Club, where as you surely know, Edoardo will be playing... along with his brother... and Signor Rocca will be cheering them on.