Monday Eclectic - A weekly Collection of Notable Links

Interesting, under-reported golf stories... or well-written renderings of the most talked about events. ~ Innovative and unusual products, provocative people, inviting places. ~ That’s Monday Eclectic.

At Lisa Horn's awesome Fox Sports Tweet Tweet a sartorially sensitive exchange between @stewartcink, @IanJamesPoulter and @PaulAzinger was revealed. It seems to indicate that a certain lavender sweater may be showing up on eBay before the action starts at Celtic Manor.

Speaking of upcoming events at Celtic Manor, BBC News reports that in anticipation a Ryder-related rise in demand for, erotic services... Newport’s forces-of-order are being... “pragmatic”... about certain activities related to the sale of sex... in spite of the pesky “Victorian moral code”.

The “vice girls” are doing some creative marketing as well according to Wales Online... and they don’t have any issues with using a certain fallen golfer in their advertising.

French fashion house Lacoste... an iconic golf sponsor, and one of my all time favorite brands... recently created a futuristic concept car with Citroën for the Paris Motor Show... and guess what? It’s quite reminiscent of... a golf cart. It’s adorable!

I got an email from Jordan @GolfGirl_Junior on Saturday that had this as the subject \(*.*)/ Yay Ryo \(*.*)/ It was her way of informing me of Ryo Ishikawa’s awesome ace at the Panasonic Open.

Oh, and since it’s just days away, one final Ryder-related story from MIRROR.CO.UK : It seems one man’s “Dear Jack” letter... led him to a career in golf course design. He’s now part of Spain’s bid for the 2018 Ryder Cup.