"Golf Girl Junior" - Presenting Jordan Farr

As you may have noticed, there's lots going on in Golf Girl World these days. So much so that it's become tough to keep up! Which is quite frustrating.

To that end, I want to introduce you to Jordan... or Golf Girl Junior, as she's been calling herself... who from this point forward will be assisting me here at Golf Girl Media. As such she'll be making regular appearances on this blog and will also be a regular on "Only Two Things".

She officially started at the beginning of the week, and barring a couple of major mess ups minor mishaps, I've been pleasantly surprised at how imaginative and productive she's been. To the extent that I suggested she write her own Thursday column which she'll begin this week. So, without futher ado, here she is:

Hi! My name is Jordan, I’m going to be working with Patricia at Golf Girl Media as her assistant/intern/idea bouncer... Yeh, you get the idea!

I am delighted to be involved with Golf Girl Media and I’m really looking forward to working with Patricia on a wide variety of projects. I’m also looking forward to getting to know you... the Golf Girl readers/watchers/listeners.

I've graduated from mini golf, honed my swing at the driving range, and taken my game onto the golf course now I'll be working my shots and my scores while venturing into the golf media sphere. Part of that will be a weekly post, every Thursday, where I'll talk about the lates golf news topics, conduct a fun weekly poll, and dispense some insider information on what’s taking place behind the scenes here at GGM... and what we’ve got in the proverbial pipeline as regards future ideas and prospective projects.

Now that I’m a part of the Golf Girl Media Inc. community, I assume you want a bit more info on who I am:

I am currently working toward my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I love working with kids and hope to work for a golf camp or junior program in the future. From reading Golf Girl’s Diary (and other golf blogs) I’ve begun to discover the unique nature of this game... and see how it can instill some great qualities in "little ones". So yeh, I’d love to help get a young generation into the sport of Golf... once I improve my game!

Additionally, I love exploring new things and researching on the Internet. When I am not doing that you can find me rollerblading, swimming, or dancing.

OK... this is the part I need help with readers! I’d love to hear some of your ideas on any topics that you’d like me to write about in the weeks to come. Leave me a note in the comments section... or shoot me an email at

Before I depart, I’ve got my first poll question for you... I actually presented it on last night’s show but ... um ... unfortunately I had my mic way down low so it was barely audible (I think I almost got fired for that one) anyways, here it is:

"The latest season of the popular show DANCING WITH THE STARS began this week. There have been quite a few athletes on in the past, NFL and NBA stars... swimmers, snowboarders, etc, but never a golfer. So... WHICH GOLFER WOULD GET YOU HOOKED ON DANCING WITH THE STARS?" ... It can be a male or a female but... I suggest you think beyond Tiger Woods ;-)

I’ll announce the results next week on “Only Two Things”. Catch the show live on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday evening at 9:30 PM ET.

That's all for now... Golf Girl Jr. signing off.


  1. I'm all over this one.

    I've actually made several suggestions on my blog for "Dancing with the Stars-Golfing Edition." But in the end it's easily Mr. Villegas.

  2. Great question. But without a doubt ... Adam Scott!

  3. Jordan, welcome to the world of golf/golf media. To answer you question Christina Kim would be my choice for DWTS. Congratulations Golf Girl on your fetching new assistant!

  4. Adam Scott - without a doubt. Oh yeah.

  5. .

    how come no pictures on a golf course ?


  6. .


    tim "lumpy" herron


  7. Top pic is at a golf course no? You'v got to get out there Jordan, if you want to be Golf Girl Jr. ;)

  8. I love the Christina Kim suggestion, and what about John Daly. That would be the obvious choice, and a really good one.

  9. .

    anyway, welcome jordan, and may i suggest a future topic - CAN A MAN DATE A WOMAN WHO PLAYS GOLF BETTER THAN HE DOES ?

    ft lauderdale, FLA

  10. Hi Jordan. So THAT"S why I couldn't hear you the other night. I'm relieved that you are an idea bouncer and not the usual kind of bouncer. I mean some afternoon I might stop by the "offices" and I'd hate to get bounced out on my rear end feathers.

    I think current Open champ Paula Creamer on DWTS. Maybe Craig Stadler from male golfdom. Tell Patricia she might want to hide the DVD All About Eve if she has a copy. I think she will understand. ;)

  11. Hey, Jordan! Glad you're enjoying The 'dubious' challenge of trying a pairing with Golf Girl... especially just as the Ryder cup pairings were getting underway! One little caution, though: Keep away from MY Ricky!!
    (If Golf Girl hasn't given you That lesson yet, I'll be VERY glad to)!!! ; } CEE


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