Only Two Things - The World of a Beverage Cart Girl

On a warm summer day, when you've got a couple of hours of golf ahead of you, there's no sight more welcome than the beverage cart.

As it pulls up to the tee... with an attractive young lady at the wheel... golfers tend to smile. The prospect of an icy brew and a bit of lighthearted banter is always inspiring.

But what's life really like for these peppy purveyors of on-course refreshment... and who exactly are they? One hears so many things. Are they the sweet, always-accommodating, golf goddesses, with a passion for the game and a deep respect for those who play it... or the modern, money-motivated pretenders, clueless about golf and disdainful of their sometimes effusive customers?

For the inside story, tune in tonight to "Only Two Things". ~ A special guest will be joining me for the show... and I do believe she'll be able to enlighten us on the cart girl lifestyle.

Liza Churchill describes herself as a "proud former beverage cart girl"... and with her long blonde hair and quick smile, one can easily imagine her gliding along the fairways in search of thirsty golfers.

Nowadays Liza is a respected golf media producer. She's got an amazing golf radio show that airs weekly on 95.5 WATD, one of the one of the most respected and honored stations in the state of Massachusetts... and her blog Goldie Bounce Golf, features video interviews with top golf personalities, reviews of new and unique golf products and personal anecdotes about the life of a golf reporter. It's one of most entertaining golf-reads on the Internet.

Liza will with me tonight at 9:30PM ET on "Only Two Things" to talk about her adventures as a beverage cart girl and her experiences in golf media.

You can join the conversation on-air by using our call-in number, which is: 917-889-9592. Or weigh in at the chat room or on Twitter... or just have a listen at Blog Talk Radio. Talk to you tonight.


  1. Cart girls know ALL! Can't believe I spent my years in a dark movie theater selling candy when I could have been working outside on the fairways.

  2. I hear you Heather. All through college I spent my summer vacations doing clerical work in the drab offices of an insurance company (for minimum wage) and to add insult to injury there was a golf course right down the street. In retrospect I can't imagine why I didn't seek employment there. :-\

  3. I love Liza's blog and I think cart girls rock!

  4. I tried to do a pictorial for LI Pulse Magazine on the cart girls of LI golf courses, but they told me it was too sexist. I thought it would be a good personal interest piece including photos as well as interviews with the ladies.

  5. Personally, I'd prefer by far an average looking beverage cart girl with a basic knowledge of the game and a sense of humor than a gorgeous girl who didn't want to be there. Unfortunately most courses seem to want to hire the later.

  6. Attention all cart girls - please just have a good attitude and at least pretend like you want to be there...

    I echo @thegolfshark: Personality & a sense of humor goes a really really long way on the course while toting food & beverages.

  7. .

    the CART GIRLS today are in the same position as most restaurant WAITRESSESS - not properly prepared and supported and required by management to do more than they can handle

    the dual role of having to be savvy on golf course etiquette and also being a sparkling personality is too much for most on a good day

    add to that the outrageous mark-up of the sub-standard food and low-shelf beverage, to which the tip is to be included on top of those rip-off prices, and well, that pretty much sets the stage in most instances - no ?

    having said that i do make special arrangements when approriate and tip WELL

    ftlauderdale SOFLA

  8. First, this in no ordinary "cart girl"... Liza knows golf inside and out and Sweet Spot loves her radio show and Blog... and what a great name, Goldiebounce; Go, Liza, Go!
    I imagine she pours a pretty solid Bloody Mary on a Sunday as well...

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