Monday Eclectic - Weekly Collection of Notable Links

Interesting, under-reported golf stories or well-written renderings of the most talked about events.

Innovative or unusual products... provocative people... inviting places. Once a week..or so, I'll link you up with my discoveries, here at Tuesday Saturday Monday Eclectic.

In case you didn't know it... because I sure didn't... irons can be really, really pretty. These, by Dbot5, certainly qualify.

Boorish guests at a UK golf course tore up the turf and trampled the greens.

Do you know what this stylish looking golf item is? Hint: it goes really well with an orange bikini.

Lot's of guys take golf trips to Ireland. Now ladies can take their own awesome trip with Red Tee. That tip comes via GolfGurls, which is itself a great resource for women golfers.