Swashbuckling Laura Davies & World Golf Hall of Fame

Like Arnold Palmer, Seve Ballesteros and Chi Chi Rodriguez, Laura Davies has a style that some have described as swashbuckling.

Flamboyant, adventurous, swaggering ...at risk of sounding sexist, it's not a style one normally associates with ladies.

But this lady is is a golf icon and without a doubt, the most accomplished English female golfer of modern times. That she's got a passion for football... and Ferarris... sets her apart even more.

I wrote about her a couple of weeks ago when she won the UNIQUA Open in Austria. There she became the oldest female player to win a professional tournament. On any tour, ever.

Well that record was quickly broken, because in Spain this past weekend at the Open de España, Davies again emerged victorious, earning her 76th career victory... and breaking her own two week old record.

For many the question is: why isn't Laura Davies eligible for World Golf Hall of Fame yet? She's two LPGA wins... or one LPGA major win... away from getting in, and has been for almost a decade. And therein lies the issue. Though she's been a consistent winner in Europe and Asia, her last LPGA victory came in 2001.

So considering the increasingly global nature of golf... and Laura Davies' accumulation of wins in prestigious tournaments with top fields... it seems like some changes might be in order in the way points are counted.

In the meantime here's the swashbuckling Ms.D a couple of days ago in Spain.