Cristie Kerr is Again Number One in the World

The life of a touring pro isn't an easy one.  As glamorous as it may seem, traveling the world to play golf requires a kind of nimbleness, adaptability and mental dexterity that few of us ever have to call upon in our day-to-day lives.

The resilient stars of the LPGA are needing to call upon all of those skills these days, as they continue their trek through Asia.

From Bangkok, Thailand where the temperatures hovered around 90 (F) degrees, the tour has moved on to Incheon, South Korea.  Located on the country's west coast, temperatures there have been in the 40s... with a blustery breeze thrown in to boot.

However, new (and former) world number one, Cristie Kerr is not letting the drastic weather change dampen her mood.  She's back at the top in the hotly contested Rolex Rankings, having reclaimed the coveted No. 1 spot from Ai Miyazzato yesterday when the updated rankings were released.  And that's just where she wants to be.

Kerr and Miyazato are two of several players who've been battling for number 1 since early in the season,  in a race that's become so close it seems to come down to one putt week after week. 

The Hana Bank Championship  begins later this week on the Ocean Course at Sky 72 Golf Club, and Cristie Kerr is without a doubt aiming to keep that #1 next to her name.


  1. I second that GolfGirJunior! And I can't imagine how those girls do it. The jet lag, the weather changes and everything else. Then they have to go out an play golf well enough to be the best in the world. It's amazing.

  2. If anyone can handle the pressure it's got to be Cristie Kerr. I heard people criticize her for her intensity but in the end it gets the job done.

  3. Cristie. Talented, beautiful, classy, down to earth, charitable. I must be leaving a few out. It is kind of exciting the way five players seem to be locked in battle until years end.

    We hear about Rolex rankings and also Player of the Year. Another "race" is for the Vare Trophy. That is lowest average score for the season. That's pretty close also.

  4. It's good for Asians fan to see players from all over the world too. Sometime Americans complain about not enough Americans winning or too many players being from other countries. Here in Korea of course we love our very good Korean golfers but we like to see all the country players.

  5. If I can consistently play half as good as her, I'd be a very happy man.


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