The Thursday Post from Golf Girl World

by Jordan Farr, aka Golf Girl Junior

Hey there GGD Readers!

Once again it’s time for my Thursday post! But I don’t suppose I really need to tell you that as I assume it’s already on your Calenders... right? And, speaking of Calenders, October is a special month for Golf Girl Media. Not only is it my birthday month (a national holiday is in the works), but more importantly, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As you may know we’re huge fans of Cristie Kerr and her Birdies For Breast Cancer Charity. Quite a few organizations are pitching in throughout October, and donating to Cristie's cause, including the awesome online golf boutique Golf4Her. When you purchase golf clothing and accessories at ‘s “Pretty in Pink Webtique,” 10% of the proceeds will go to to Birdies for Breast Cancer.

In the next few days, I will be doing a post about how other golfers and golf businesses are helping raise awareness and funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

In other Golf Girl Media news, we are now (thanks to me) entering the exciting world of contests and sweepstakes. YAY!!! I know... I’m just as excited as you are! Now you may be asking: “what kind of contest, Jordan? Tell me more!” Well, I can honestly say I don’t really know at this point. And this is where you come in. Can you help me with ideas? What are some golf products you would like to win?

Now as those of you who were listening to “Only Two Things” last night already heard, here’s the weekly question for my pop-culture-golf poll:

Justin Timberlake recently created the awesome Mirimichi golf course near Memphis, TN ...and the golf girl herself played Celine Dion’s golf course just outside of Montreal. So... what celeb would you like to see make their own course? (BTW my personal pick is Catherine Zeta Jones - she’s stylish, talented and passionate about golf).

Just leave your responses in comments or shoot me an email at:
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