The Dubai World Championship Golf Shoe Statement


Hip, street-inspired footwear like PUMA's Cell Fusion Golf Shoes and Ecco's Golf Streets have been infiltrating the sea of traditional saddle shoes for a while now,  however when the affable Oliver Wilson appeared in his glove shoes at the Dubai World Championship, there was considerable curiosity...  and some consternation from the media.

Golf 24 Seven called them "horrible" while The Press Association suggested that they were "probably the strangest golf shoes ever seen".  

What the former Ryder Cup player had on his feet were Vibram FiveFingers and they do in fact resemble gloves... for the feet... as each toe has its own individual pocket.  The resulting look is slightly reptilian... with a cartoonish quality. More whimsical than horrible in my opinion.   

Addressing questions about his curious kicks, Wilson explained that he'd been wearing the FiveFingers for about three weeks, inspired by his coach.  "I practice barefoot sometimes and swing it better... he revealed.  FiveFingers are said to allow the "sensation and freedom of going barefoot."

The engaging Englishman tweeted on Friday evening that he "had to resort back to the monkey shoes" ... and on Saturday he carded an impressive 68.

Personally, I'm quite intrigued with the barefooting concept.  Not necessarily for golf,  but definitely for kayaking and sailing, maybe the gym too.

In any case Oliver Wilson's Vibram FiveFingers will almost certainly be the strongest style statement to come out of the 2010 Dubai World Championship.

Photo: Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Europe