A Western Rush to Judgment on Tiger Woods Dubai?

The story's been seized upon by western scribes of every stripe ... and it's still being rehashed and retweeted with surprising regularity.

It started with a piece by Lawrence Donegan which appeared Sunday,  in the Observer and

However,  here's the thing: prosaic and engaging as the Lawrence Donegan's story is, it still strikes me as somewhat facile.  At times the tone is judgmental... almost sanctimonious... with undertones of "how the mighty have fallen" directed at both the golfer and the emirate.  One could almost come away with the impression that the struggling Tiger Woods Dubai is an anomaly cause by the irresponsible behavior of a few when in fact it's just one of a multitude of overly ambitious golf projects all over the world - conceived during "the bubble" and now on hold.

Like luxury golf development projects across the US and Europe, Tiger Woods Dubai may be stalled for a while... perhaps it'll be scaled back or maybe it will actually fall by the wayside.  We got no definitive answer from the Donegan story, because as yet, there isn't one.  What we did get was a trite retelling of "Tiger's demise" and multiple swipes at Dubai's unbridled excesses... as though the desert kingdom had the market cornered on conspicuous consumption. 

Perhaps I've just grown ultra-cynical but I can't help but think that this particular spin just made the most buzz-worthy retweetable marketable story.  As a writer myself, I know that's what I look for and I certainly don't reproach the talented Mr. Donegan.  What I found unsettling was the way this story was relentlessly rehashed, repeated and retweeted.  While Europe and the US face their own debt and unsustainability issues, it seems some are taking solace in the much more distant reversal of fortune happening in post-boom Dubai.

But I think it's important to keep things in perspective. To that end, have a look at this recent video taken by a tourist a week or so ago in downtown Dubai.  Despite the stagnation of certain projects, the city appears vital and exciting.  The country's commitment to golf is ongoing and effective as well, judging from last week's Dubai World Championship anid the impressive tournaments coming up.  And as far as Tiger Woods Dubai, I think it's premature to write it off just yet.