Musings of a Golf Newbie - Frustration and Elation

By Jordan Farr
Over the past several weeks, I’ve become a true cheerleader for golf.

However, even though I’ve been playing more often, and spending hours at the range, I still... by most standards... suck.

Denying golf’s frustration is like... let’s see... it’s like denying a huge elephant which happens to be sitting in a barn with a bunch of small horses. Okay, that made absolutely no sense. What I’m saying is that I’ve discovered it’s useless to deny the frustrations of golf.

Speaking of frustration, it surprised me to see a number of brilliant … and seemingly established.... PGA and LPGA players heading back to Q School in hopes of regaining their tour cards. What could be more frustrating than that?

On a more... humble... level, I sometimes feel like my own frustration is nearly as epic that of the beleaguered Q School returnees, simply for because I allow it to get there.

When the swing I’ve (supposedly) been perfecting at the range produces only a series of awkward, ugly worm-burners on the golf course ...and the putts I focus on so intently just refuse to ever roll in.... I have an emotional response that involves anger and disappointment... and on occasion... a major meltdown.

Then, when I begin to play well, I get all nervous, “How will my next shot be? What if I can’t get past that damn sand trap and it ruins my best round ever!!!" Which inevitably leads to my classic newbie dilemma “WHAT CLUB DO I USE AGAIN?” All of these questions and concerns distract me from my game… and sometimes I feel like they’re ruining it... slowly and painfully.

Fortunately, there's a bright side. As in: I’m learning to marvel in my strengths and take joy in the good shots... however rare those may be at such an early stage in my golf love-affair. This naturally lowers my frustrations for when something does go awry. Setting small goals that will hopefully lead to my bigger ones, is another thing I’m trying to do.

And I’ve got to admit, by the end of each round or practice session... despite some inevitable frustration... I always seem to have a huge smile on my face because I got out there and worked on the game I’m growing to love.


  1. Frustration, as you note is not reserved for newbies. Keep looking on the bright side and your love affair will be lifelong. :)

  2. I'm glad you're still smiling Jordan. I am too and I've been at it for almost four years.

  3. You've got the right attitude Junior, you'll do fine.

  4. I'm glad in a way you won't be able to play too much for most of at least several months. I think you need to read more about how to play the game. Hopefully, be able to take a lesson here and there.

    I'm sure golfgirl and others have already told you to "keep your head down!!" That will prevent at least SOME of the worm burners

    Other than the singular act of hitting a round baseball with a round bat, golf is the most difficult thing in the world to get consistently good at. As you said, the fact that you get out there is great!!

  5. What I'm trying to say in a long about way is to not play so much, You can get into bad habits that will be hard to break as you get better!

  6. It's just all part of the game! That's golf. Just take it one hole at a time and enjoy. Fore!!!!!

  7. Monique is right. One hole at a time. In fact- most days, taking it one shot at a time is best!

  8. .

    the BIGGEST misconception in golf is that the more you play, or practice, the BETTER you get - NOT

    if you come with me, you will witness decades long players who, at times, could be mistaken for newbies (believe it or not, we even twice lost a golf cart)

    the ONLY thing required with our group is to keep up with an acceptable pace of play

    no one has more fun on a golf course than my oldest daughter, who just wants to wack it, without regard to direction, and continues to tee it up along down the fairway taking the par prescribed amount of strokes and then just picking it up

    she has no need for a putter, because she rarely if ever hits a green, yet always can claim an even par round on the scorecard

    her PENANCE is having just closed on a home right on a golf course !

    her chocolate lab retreiver keeps her lost ball count down to an affordable level

    her favorite golf club set consist of a 3, 5 and 7 - of which she picks ONE, that's one for the entire round, and goes

    you see, this game wasn't meant to be mastered

    ftlauderdale so FLA


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