Golf Refugees - Black Balls, BinBags & Bathing Suits

With just a passing reference to the brass monkey weather that's descended on much of the Northern Hemisphere, the fine gentlemen at Golf Refugees are presenting... bathing costumes.

Yes... swimsuits.  They've done just two designs so far, and each is quite awesome. One is based on graffiti, the kind you find on... old abandoned subway cars?  The other features symmetrical rows of Golf Refugee's distinctive black balls.  Both are one piece, classic, and the kind of suit you can swim in. While the styling is edgy and urban, the suits are infinitely wearable. How perfect is that?

Personally though, I'm not surprised.  I've been following Golf Refugees for a while now and have long admired their innovative, unapologetic, alternative approach to golf apparel and accessories.

Their binbag, in fact,  is one of the most awesome and innovative golf inventions ever.  In history.  It's an ultra-light, disposable  Sunday bag,  and it's what I'll be using... from now till the CT courses close for winter...  to carry my reduced arsenal of three woods, two irons, wedge and putter.

I love the Golf Refugees shirt designs too.  Both T-Shirts and Polo Shirts are available  in 100% organic cotton.  Check out their site, in addition to their awesome products they've got a great back story.

Right now however, I've got to admit,  those bathing costumes have me looking forward to warm weather before the winter's even begun.


  1. I prefer bikinis... but I want that golf bag.

  2. Our main ambition in golf is to be ordained into the Golf Girl Media Empire.

  3. Great stuff. Stay true to your style guys.

  4. Great stuff. Stay true to your style guys.

  5. I wish I could multi-task as you do. I like the bin bag idea (not sure why.)

  6. .

    i guess here in SOBE we are the ultimate in eco-friendly bathing as NO suits are necessary

    and less and less here is being worn on the golf course all the time

    saving the planet one stroke at a time

    ftliquordale SOFLA

  7. Love the binbag idea. Imagine that, a golf bag that uses trash bag technology?

    And both suits are great looking.


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