Golf Giving - October is Over but Golf Gives On

By Jordan Farr aka Golf Girl Junior

OK, what happened to October?

I just looked at the calendar noticed it was gone. Over. Finito. And it took four November days with it.

I guess I'm getting old because I'm thinking: it seems like the days just flew off the calender ...and I'm sure I remember my grandmother saying stuff just like that. ~ Actually, you certainly remember may remember I celebrated my 23rd birthday back on the 14th. Belated thanks for all the warm well-wishes. That was an early highlight.

Then there were multiple visits to NYC, for previews of some amazing golf fashion lines, and afternoons spent at Winged Foot, Quaker Ridge and The Norfolk Country Club getting acquainted with the aesthetics and idiosyncrasies of A.W.Tillinghast.  Yes, October was a blur, but a pretty wonderful one.

Also, October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that too flew by, but fortunately, the mission behind it goes on all year and to that end here at GGM... and throughout the golf world... efforts will continue to raise funds and awareness for this cause. Some of the things we'll be involved with throughout the coming twelve months are:

Cristie Kerr's Birdies for Breast Cancer

Sweet Spot Golf's Breast Cancer Initiatives

G Women Magazine's Breast Cancer Initiatives 

There are all sorts of ways to give through golf, and all kinds of causes too.  You can find many of them listed at .  October may be over but it still feels great to give.