Thanksgiving Outtakes and Hot Rickie Fowler

My last few days have included nine holes of golf,  a modicum of writing and an inhabitual amount of time spent in the kitchen.  I made four pies and a massive amount of cranberry sauce.  I also rediscovered my amazing  collection of antique French silverware... and actually remembered why I collected it in the first place.

We're having Thanksgiving at our house for the first time in years... for a dozen people... and it's a  bigger deal than I remember.  Clearly, I've lost the Martha Stewart mojo I once had.

Anyway, we told you on Monday about Hot Rickie Fowler,  the drink we'd invented for our chilly days at the golf course.  Based on the celebrated "Arnold Palmer", this hot variation is inspired by one of our favorite new golfers: rookie star Rickie Fowler... and his predilection for the color orange.

To make a long story short,  Jordan and I planned to make a video about this awesome drink...and we attempted to do so... however my idiosyncratic assistant was having trouble pronouncing Rickie Fowler's name, if you can believe that concentrating, which resulted in  multiple takes.  Ultimately we ran out of time and the exhausted "Golf Girl Junior" had to head home.

So I made my own video which you can find on our Golf Girl Media facebook page with the recipe... and history.   In the meantime Jordan thought you might find our "blooper reel" um...pathetically amusing funny. 

Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving.