Day After Christmas. A Good Day for Golf

my vintage Christmas card collection
Well, that was the plan. The reality? An ultra-windy day, with a bright sun that provided little warmth, which was fine as we slept till noon after a late night that included excessive amounts of food, drink and merriment... which was awesome. Belated Best Wishes.


  1. Good stuff!1!!

  2. I don't mind snowmen on Christmas cards... I just don't want them on my scorecards. ;)

  3. .

    most any day is a good day for golf here in ft liquordale so fla !

    actually the snowbirds, as usual, drive up the rates double or more so it is more costly than summer

    however the increase in found golf balls decreases my net cost overall which allows me to have more allocated to the liquor and cigar line items in the budget

    i'll admit snow on the scarsdale county club visible from my hartsdale apartment was picturesque, back in the day

    but this homey don't do sno no mo !

    anyway happy holidays


  4. A friend of mine says the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest golf day all year in California. Hope you have a fabulous new year's Ms Golf Girl! ;^D


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