Phil Bundy - Golf is About the People who Play It

The future belongs to those who see the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that... and it's one of my favorite quotes.

I thought of it last week as I was strolling dashing through the vast Orange County Convention Center during my one day visit to the PGA Merchandise Show. Passing booth after booth of innovative, awesome, and occasionally puzzling golf products, I was amazed at how many small companies there were, bravely competing with the industry giants. They were in every category - from equipment to apparel - offering colorful and creative alternatives to the more ubiquitous offerings of the mass marketers.

I'll be covering many of these smaller companies over the next several weeks because so many of them are creating awesome products... and because many have fascinating stories about following their dreams in a decidedly perilous business environment.

And speaking of dreams, I met Phil Bundy at the show. If you haven't heard of Phil yet, you most likely will in the near future. He's got a dream, inspired by his 5 year old son Charlie; at age 43, Phil's on a quest to join the PGA tour! I know...that's one lofty dream... but I think Phil has the tenacity and talent to achieve it. He's chronicling his efforts on his own website, and has been covered by a number of high profile golf blogs, including Waggle Room and Golf Views. His story has gone international as well, with coverage on one of Spain's top golf blogs, Fuera de límites.

I've known Phil for several months now through the social networks, and it was great to actually meet him. He's definitely a man dreaming big...and working like heck in pursuit of his dream. In addition, like many business owners I met in Orlando, he's generous with his time and ready to help others with the pursuit of their dreams.

Eleanor would be proud.